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Version 1.9 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

This release delivers a truer manifestation of Fuzy's core promise: to enable product teams to "work backward" with an outcome-first approach to continuous product discovery. We've been pumped to hear your early feedback, keep it coming! Here's what's new in Version 1.9...


Targets is core to Fuzy's ability to focus product teams on what matters most as they form hypotheses, make opportunity cost tradeoffs, and ruthlessly prioritize product decisions. In simplest terms, a Target reflects something you care about—a core user action, a sequence of actions that represent a use case or feature, or a metric (such as revenue, retention/churn, expansion). You can now:

  • Add Targets: Create and modify event-based Targets to monitor key areas of focus, and optionally filter to specific segments. Adding or modifying a Target cues Fuzy to kick-off correlation model builds.

  • View Target Details (behavioral & outcome metrics): See everything in one place about what is impacting users and accounts achieving a Target — which in-app interactions and thresholds distinguish those likely to attain the target from those not, top pathways they follow, relevant anomalies to that target, and the segments to which they belong.

Fuzy's proof of concept began as the insights Inbox, which is just as it sounds — a place where spicy nuggets of product intelligence get delivered automatically. Targets now gives product managers the ability to anchor all of these insights to strategic areas of importance for their business and their product. You can read more about getting started with Targets here.


We released our new charting library to handle more customizations and support Fuzy's ability to "layer data" on the fly for greater context as you interact with insights. With additional integrations and capabilities on the way, this increases flexibility will enable Fuzy to provide a richer experience, without overloaded visualizations.

Datadog RUM Integration

We built an integration for Datadog RUM and deployed Fuzy to new customers using this platform.

For further details, refer to our Datadog RUM doc.

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