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Version 1.8 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

Details of Version 1.8 are below. This release focused on incorporating user feedback, usability of existing features, and new integrations.


Often overlooked, authentication flow is incredibly important. We reworked the whole experience to make it more friendly, intuitive, and added more in-app guidance to our self-service password reset flow.

Integrations: Hubspot & CI/CD

Integration updates for this release enable Fuzy to construct a more complete picture of how your product is changing and impacting business outcomes:

  • Hubspot — gain a deeper understanding of how user/account behaviors impact metrics such as retention, expansion, and NPS. You can sync your Hubspot directly within the Fuzy UI.

  • CI/CD tools — provide a clear indication when new updates are released to your product. Using this integration will automatically create annotations on your Product Timeline. Instructions and more details can be found here.

Fuzybot Updates

We continue on our journey to make accessing your product intelligence insanely accessible across teams. In this second phase of the Fuzybot command interface, we're utilizing Slack's interactive message API to enable more robust interplay with the Fuzy dataset:

  • download the basic statistic for any metrics

  • get instant access to basic statistics (such as daily event count) for all the event types emitted by your product

  • view and add annotations to your Product Timeline

Refer to our guides for how to use Fuzybot Slack commands.

Last, But Definitely Not Least...

We made a bunch of UX polish updates across the app (secondary navigation, page headers and additional styling to Search). The Home Page now includes a timestamp on Product Timeline, several sizing adjustments, plus empty states.

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