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Version 1.6 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

It's Fuzy's final announcement before the holidays. Here's what's new in the Version 1.6 release!

Metric Watch & Product Digests

We're continuing to add new capabilities to Product Ops, with automated Metric Watch and Product Digests from Fuzybot in Slack. This allows Product Managers (PMs) to stay up to date on what's happening with key product metrics, leading indicators of success, and new annotations on your Product Timeline:

  • subscribe to daily/weekly updates on recent changes to metrics and receive these right in Slack (manage subscriptions from the Settings tab)

  • customize which metrics to include, with the ability to refine by user segment

  • include a summary of annotations your team made to the Product Timeline

  • choose where the update posts in Slack (personal DM or public channel)

  • avoid building custom dashboard views or remembering to run reports

You must have a Slack workspace connected to Fuzy to enable this feature. Need help? You can connect your Slack workspace from the home screen or by clicking the Slack icon on any insight.


We know, FINALLY! This release allows you to Search using keywords and includes auto-complete. The Tags filter bar will also update based on your search results, allowing you to further refine the results.


We've added new capabilities to Pathways to help PM/UX get to their desired pathway, and at the appropriate level of granularity, faster. In addition to filtering by timeframe, PM/UX can now:

  • exclude events in a pathway(s) to filter noise

  • filter by user segments 

We also updated and simplified the visualizations to be easier to understand and more interactive. On hover, event nodes now highlight the pathway that includes a specific event, and drag-able to create visual separation.

Happy Holidays!

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