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Version 1.5 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

We've got some awesome new features and improvements in the Version 1.5 release!

Product Timelines

Building on the momentum of Product Ops in v1.4, we’re introducing Product Timelines. This allows Product Managers (PMs) to level up the discipline and operational readiness of the product org with the ability to:

  • annotate and provide more context to Fuzy Insights

  • layer annotations on top any time-series based Insight for more context and closing the gap on last mile analysis

  • construct timelines of what happened to and within your products via Fuzy app and Slack Fuzybot

  • gradually create and curate a product knowledge base to help PMs and team members to annotate changes, insights, and issues answering the questions: "What happened on this date?", "Who handled it and How", "What did we learn from it?"

  • avoid unnecessary and/or duplicate analysis across many tools (avoiding copy/paste)

PMs can also conveniently grant access to the whole org via create-comment and download-comments Slack commands.

Pathways [beta]

We've also made some improvements to Pathways (formerly known as user progression insights). Pathways, which have been promoted to a first class concept in Fuzy, gives PMs another tool to discover new usage patterns within their products. PMs can now filter based on any time interval (going back all the way to earliest event) and can control how much data they are consuming by displaying only the top pathways. Expect more capabilities and improvements across the coming months.

Last, But Definitely Not Least...

UI Improvements for the Inbox and Insight Details views.

We brought back our focus on integrating with customers' existing data sources. We built API integrations for Pendo and Amplitude and deployed Fuzy to pilot customers using those platforms.

We rolled out LaunchNotes to share these release updates, and to make it easier to collect your product feedback and ideas. We'll be anxious to hear what you think of the new format!

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