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Version 1.4 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

In the Version 1.4 release we made improvements to the Insights Inbox, and introduced Fuzybot to support your product ops needs directly from Slack.

Fuzybot Product Ops

Building on our integration with Slack, we’re introducing Fuzybot Product Ops. This is the first release of several aimed at dramatically boosting operational efficiency for Product Managers (PMs) and gives the whole team faster access to product data, without any SQL or hunting through dashboards:

  • instantly get answers to your data questions right from Slack commands with Fuzybot

  • option to download a csv with the raw data

  • commands are functional in both channels and DMs

  • no technical skills or SQL needed

Teammates who aren't direct users of Fuzy can access this capability from Slack— reducing the number of one-off requests PMs need to field from product marketing, CS, and growth. We'll continue to add to the list of supported metrics and segments.

Insights & Inbox

We improved the scan-ability of the Insights Inbox — read/unread, visual treatments to insight narratives, and UI resizing.

Anomaly Detection 2.0 was a big upgrade to ensure high relevancy and reduce noise. We also introduced Correlation Insights for target event(s).

When in the insight details chart, you can now layer additional metrics that help answer fast-follow contextual questions. More configurability to this capability and the ability to filter base on segments is coming next.

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