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Insights & Inbox SDKs improvement

Version 1.3 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

We've got some highly requested improvements in the Version 1.3 release!

Share to Slack DM

Fuzy makes it easy to share and discuss insights in your everyday tools. Previously you could share insights to Slack channels, and now you can also:

  • send insights via direct message from the Fuzy app to Slack

  • see a list of users and channels (alphabetical and searchable)

  • option to tag other Slack users and include a message (by default the message field will populate with the narrative insight)

We removed the thumbnail charts from these messages for now. We'll be working on custom visuals in an upcoming release.

Did you connect your Slack workspace yet? You can do it from the home screen or any insight in seconds!

Narrative Insights

Continuing this theme from 1.2, we focused improvements in this release on removing noise from the Inbox and making the insights quickly consumable. We rolled out Narrative Insights so each insight subject line is now human readable in sentence form. This allows PMs to scan the inbox and understand what the insight is about before viewing the detailed insight data/chart.

Anomaly insight sensitivity has been re-tuned for all customers. There's a new visual for anomaly charts that clearly denotes the expected range and where anomalies occurred.

Last, But Definitely Not Least...

The SDK for JavaScript is now available.

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