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Version 1.2 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on the initial app! We decided to push a quick release addressing some common themes that emerged. Here's what's new in Version 1.2...

Insight Threads

The details view for anomaly insights now includes a historical log table (aka Insight Threads) to show what's changed since the previous update to that specific insight. Threads are intended to both reduce noise in the Insights Inbox (by not creating a new insight every time there's a change), and give Product Managers (PMs) more context when looking into an insight (e.g. when was this insight first detected? what's changed since then?).

Inbox Compact View

Based on feedback to increase the amount of information viewable at the top level, and the speed with which PMs can triage through the Insights Inbox, the compact layout is now the default view. You still have the option to open an individual insight in a new tab.

Insight Groups

We simplified the Insights Inbox view by separating individual insights and groups of insights. Once you create a group, you'll find it under Groups section in the side navigation.

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