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Version 1.11 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

Several big announcements in this release, so let's get right into it!

Fuzy Copilot: Your AI Analyst

Meet Fuzy Copilot, your AI analyst available round the clock to answer your product- and customer-related questions. No more waiting for support from ops or engineering – simply access Fuzy Copilot directly from Slack and ask your questions in plain English. Copilot delivers hyper-specific answers instantly, allowing you to:

  • Ask follow-up questions to dive deeper into insights.

  • Share messages to channels to socialize insights and discuss with your team.

  • Download data right from Slack.

  • Seamlessly jump back into the Fuzy app for in-depth analysis or larger datasets.

What sets Fuzy Copilot apart from chatbots is its domain-specific training and knowledge. It understands your company's unique lingo, providing you with precise answers enriched with relevant context about your product and customer behavior patterns. To get started, refer to the user guide.

As always, data privacy is paramount. Data is always anonymized and personally identifiable information (such as email) is never sent to our LLM models. A deep dive "how it works" blog post is coming soon, stay tuned!

Anomalies: Root Cause Analysis Made Easy

We rolled out improvements to Anomaly Insights to accelerate root cause analysis. Now, anomalies impacting the same objects are combined into a single insight. Plus, we've added a breakdown of user Segments and Accounts, so you can quickly see who contributed to or was impacted by the anomaly. This means fewer anomaly alerts, more context, and faster root cause analysis.

Additional enhancements include visual details showcasing the expected range with Bollinger bands, a historical anomaly timeline, and the ability to Watch and receive automated alerts when something changes with a specific anomaly.


Search may not get the headline, but we all know its importance. Poor search experience can lead to frustration and wasted time. We made significant enhancements to global Search including: more intuitive string matching, flexible filtering, and column sorting on all tables in Fuzy.

Accounts: Driving Optimal Customer Adoption

Based on feedback across the past several months, we're rolling out a dedicated view of Accounts for teams focused on customer value and adoption. Much of what we heard was concern that Customer Success and growth teams are "flying blind" on where to focus their efforts to get ahead of renewal risk, revenue contraction, and identify expansion opportunities. We also learned product and biz ops teams are inundated answering repeat questions—spending upwards of 30% of their time!

Accounts provides instant visibility into which product features and use cases are (and are not) being utilized and by whom. CSMs can spend less time rummaging through dashboards and waiting for support, and more precious time driving value with customers, in time to make a difference on renewal outcomes.

In our next release, we have more exciting features coming to Accounts. Stay tuned for big things dropping throughout the month as we unveil Fuzy's Customer Success solution.

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