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Version 1.10 Released!

AUTHOR: Product at Team Fuzy

Based on customer interviews and user testing (thank you!), we made significant improvements to Correlation Insights, introduced a new Events view for source data, and launched email support for a new Weekly Product Digest. AND... we're also thrilled to announce SOC 2 Type I compliance. Let's dive into the details!

Correlations: Understand Behaviors with Enhanced Clarity and Confidence

We have completely redesigned how Correlation Insights are visualized in Fuzy. We now merge all significant user behaviors that correlate to a target into a single comprehensive view, reducing clutter in your Insights Inbox.

The new heatmap visualization is easier to understand while exposing additional details, such as correlation strength, and how users or accounts interacting with a part of your app impacts their likelihood to achieve the target outcome. This allows you to quickly grasp the most relevant takeaways from the correlation model, and tell a better story with your data (and dispel myths across the company!) about what's most correlated with a given outcome.

Moreover, we introduced a new modal window that exposes all aspects of model quality so you have transparency into a model's accuracy, can reference when a model was automatically updated, and can navigate questions that may arise from your technical team members. Having personally worked with many "blackbox" tools in the past, this concept of "showing our work" is a strongly held principle at Fuzy. We don't want overly scientific details to get in your way, but you should have confidence when taking action.

Events: Investigate & Build Data Confidence

All events in Fuzy are now traceable to the source product analytics tool you connected, helping teams distinguish which data is coming from where. The Events tab also means you can now quickly investigate a specific event in your app to gain deeper insights into any associated correlations and pathways (without needing to create a target).

Product Digest: Stay Informed, Stay Ahead

"Could you send me a highlight reel each week?" We heard several versions of this during customer interviews. We feel your pain. It's important to know what's changed in product and what's trending with customers—but when you only have so many hours in the day, automation is queen.

So here it is: Product Digest delivers your weekly highlights, including significant updates to targets, events, metrics, accounts, and annotations straight to your email.

(Yes, email is here! We admit, Fuzy loves Slack, but we heard those of you who prefer email workflows.)

SOC 2 Type I

Fuzy is proud to announce that we’ve received a clean SOC 2 Type 1 attestation report. This rigorous, independent assessment of our internal security controls serves as validation of our dedication and adherence to the highest standards for security privacy. 

This is an important milestone but is in no way an end to our commitment to our customers and the security of their data. Fuzy views security as a responsibility and the foundation upon which our products are built and customer trust is earned and maintained. We'll be pursuing Type II in 2024.

For further details, refer to our Security Summary.

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